Featuring the best prep, trim and processing equipment! 

Rent a single unit and do the work of a whole team in one day. Rents by 24-hr period so you get the most out of your time!

Prep Tools

Get set up for success with a variety of machines to help you prep for trimming. 

Strippers: Remove fan leaves with ease!

Buckers: Gently take your prized buds off the stem!

Call for current inventory and availability.

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Automated Trimmers

Choose from the best of the best with a well-stocked inventory.

Wet: Keep your tasty terpines intact and cure after you trim!

​Dry: Cure first, trim later!

Call for current inventory and availability.

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Processing Equipment

With all this extra time on your hands, why not enjoy your hard work? 

Rosin Press: Make the most of your trim and shake!

Futurola Pre-Roll System: Turn that trim into gold and make your own pre-rolls!

Call for current inventory and availability.

(541) 326-2014

Trim Bus

The best selection of harvest equipment delivered to you! For your business: Wet or dry, tumble or roll, we bring it all to you. For your pleasure: Sift, press and enjoy while you work. 

FULLY STOCKED AND READY TO ROCK! The Trim Bus is delivered to your location, near or far. Why haul your crop around to a processing center when we can bring it all right to you? YOUR people processing YOUR harvest on YOUR property: We'll provide a consultation with our Trim Master to determine the machines that will best meet your needs, then we'll arrive on time and decked-out with your custom Trim Bus. You provide your own trusted employees, limiting liability and increasing productivity!

Prep Tools: Trim Bus rentals include your choice of strippers, buckers and trimmers to process up to 1,000 lbs/day!

Automated Trimmers: Trim Bus comes fully stocked with dry & wet options including your choice of automated wet or dry trimmers.


Processing Equipment: We offer a Pure Pressure Rosin Press and a Futurola Pre-Roll System to help you make the most of your trim!